Sound Immersion

The awake experience of profound rest–using sound and  vibration to induce a deeply restorative and meditative state



You’ll use headphones and a cushion that reverberates specific sounds through your whole body

You’ll be dry, reclined and cozy, covered by a weighted blanket and an eye pillow (if you’d like)

Each 45-minute session includes: time to settle into the space, 33 minutes of vibroacoustics (or Sound Immersion), time to rest in silence and feel the effects

Treatment space is shared with up to two other guests, but you’ll be fully enveloped in your own magical world

Wear comfortable clothing, masks are optional 

All sessions include unlimited soaking, sauna, cold plunge and lounging in the bathhouse AFTER



All the benefits of meditation but so much easier and more immediately impactful

Deeply restful and restorative for the mind and body

Soothing and supportive for the nervous system

Relieves stress and anxiety

Reminds the mind how to be present, helping you to slow down and enjoy more of life