Connection + Asha in Your Future


Bathhouse Friends,

In week two of quarantine, my most built-for-mothering friend (the one who leads Girl Scouts, celebrates her daughter’s half birthdays and volunteers in the classroom every Wednesday) said,

“I feel like a tiger trapped in a cage and I’m about to explode. It’s all too much.” 

I thought maybe I’d have it easier than that, since my daughter’s 14 and mostly takes care of herself. But in week three of quarantine, I watched my sweet girl sink deeper and deeper into a suffering I couldn’t ease no matter what I tried.

I felt helpless and incapable. My heart wouldn’t stop breaking.

I’m sharing this with you because I think opening up when something hurts builds connection. And it feels so important to me right now for all of us to know we aren’t alone. Most especially in those really hard moments.

YOU aren’t alone.

No matter the physical distance.

Loneliness isn’t caused by the absence of other people, but from a lack of meaningful connection. 

When we tune in and allow ourselves to feel things fully, share honestly, and listen deeply to each other…we experience real connection.

That’s what Asha is all about. Genuinely connecting with ourselves, each other, and the beauty of the (entire!) human experience.  I can’t wait for us to be that oasis for you again.

Until then, let yourself feel the ups and downs.

Keep taking care,

Cori Martinez
Asha Urban Baths, Owner

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