Here with your crew? Excellent!

This is an amazing space for quiet connection with friends. Please honor the following required etiquette.

Speak softly

  • Quiet conversation is welcome, please speak softly.
  • If you hear the gong, check your volume.
  • Remind your friends if needed.

Break into smaller groups

  • Our space is not designed for large groups to travel “as one”. Friends of 5+, please break into smaller groups as you move throughout the baths.

Shower first

  • Respect the waters and shower well 🙂

Steam & Sauna

  • Always rinse after Steam and Sauna, before entering pools
  • Minimal to no talking–extra quiet please
  • Sit on a towel
  • No water on the sauna rocks, it’s electric!


  • Swimwear and shower shoes required
  • Leave all electronics in your locker
  • Drink only water inside the bathhouse–and plenty of it! (no glass containers, no food)
  • Use oils only in changing rooms after your time in the bathhouse is complete
  • Absolutely no hyperventilation-type breathing or breath holding practices in or near the water
  • Physical displays of affection are STRICTLY PROHIBITED


Unfortunately, anyone unable to follow the above etiquette will be asked to leave without a refund. 🙁


*Been here before? No need to register or sign!