This is you time. Enjoy it.

A day dedicated to one person, you.

Bathhouse + Yoga + Massage – ($140)


A 50-minute full body massage

A class at Asha Yoga

Unlimited time at the bathhouse (including in/out privileges for the day)

Towel service

A local fresh pressed juice

Options for Your Perfect Day

Check out your options and begin planning in the form below.

Chillax & Release

Massage + Bathhouse + YIN Yoga. In Asha Yin classes, you’ll rest and stretch deeply in long and (sometimes intense) holds that facilitate deep release.

In the FLOW

Massage + Bathhouse + HATHA FLOW Yoga. In Asha Hatha Flow classes, expect a breath-centered, creative and mindful exploration of both strength building and tension releasing yoga postures.

Total ZEN Zone (w/ meditation):

Massage + Bathhouse + Guided Meditation session. In Asha Yoga Nidra–or guided meditation–sessions, you’ll begin with breath-work and light movement, then settle into a comfortable reclined position for a meditation practice designed to bring tremendous calmness and clarity.

Total ZEN Zone:

Massage + Bathhouse + Restorative Yoga. In Asha Restorative classes, you’ll lounge luxuriously on supportive piles of bolsters and blankets in long-held restful postures that allow your muscles to relax, your heart rate to lower, and your nervous system to let go.

STEP 1: Plan

Request a date + provide info for us to arrange your day.

CALL US if you'd prefer. 916.837.3290 Or fill out this form.

STEP 2: Guarantee Your Spot

Once we receive your request, we're only able to plan and hold your preferred schedule if we have a credit card number. 

I's very important that you either call or register online to complete this step, and then we'll begin to arrange your day. Either:

Call us to confirm your reservation with your credit card - 916.837.3290


If it's after 10 pm please register online HERE to provide your card number or email retreat@ashaurbanbaths.com to schedule a callback. 


STEP 3: Start Relaxing Now

You did your part. It's our turn.

We'll usually email your schedule within 24-48 hours. If you LOVE it, let us know right away so we can hold it for you.